Photovoltaic and renewable energy design

Our photovoltaic and renewable energy design services are designed to meet the complex requirements of an ever-changing environment. From the initial assessment of solar energy potential to project implementation and management, we provide comprehensive and efficient solutions.

Whether you are a company or a public entity, collaborating with us will not only provide you with a sustainable energy solution but also a trustworthy and long-term partnership. We are dedicated to contributing to the success and sustainability of your project.

Photovoltaic Park Design


  • Final Project/Cable Duct:

    Development of a Specific Plan
    Constraint Analysis
    Photographic Documentation
    Technical Plan of Interferences
    Technical Relationships


  • Installation Project:

    Urban Integration
    Layout Development for positioning photovoltaic modules, Energy Station, technical room, delivery cabin, user cabin, internal roads, attenuation, fencing, video surveillance on CTR, cadastral and orthophoto
    Synthesis Sheet
    Quantitative Data Collection
    Data Sheet
    Estimation Calculation Scheme
    Single Line Electrical Diagram
    Preparation of Technical Relationships Required for Projects
    Obtaining Nulla Osta (communication with competent entities, PEC submission)



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