FTTH Telecommunications Design

We specialize in the design and implementation of advanced telecommunications systems, including Fiber To The Home (FTTH) networks. From integrated layouts to detailed communication infrastructure planning, we ensure robust connectivity and optimal performance within your projects.

FTTH Activities:

In both phases, we are committed to ensuring that our FTTH projects adhere to the highest quality standards and providing comprehensive technical and administrative solutions for the successful implementation of high-speed communication infrastructures.

Creation Phase in FTTH Projects:
  • Development of TIM/FIBERCOP Projects
  • Design of Open Fiber Infrastructure
  • Coordination and Management of Works
  • Rigorous Compilation of Measurement Registers
  • Project Documentation in „AS BUILT” Form
  • Detailed Record Keeping of Company Works (including on GISFO Platform)
  • Cartographic Updates on PNI Networks
  • Management and Routing Requests to ENEL
  • Preparation of Graphic and Administrative Documentation for Permit Applications
  • Field Measurements and Verifications
Delivery Phase in FTTH Projects:
  • Completion of Projects by Agreed Standards
  • Preparation and Submission of Necessary Requests to Involved Entities
  • Ensuring Compliance with Technical and Safety Regulations
  • Rigorous Checks to Ensure the Functionality and Reliability of Implemented Systems
  • Providing Comprehensive Documentation for the Efficient Use and Management of FTTH Infrastructure
  • Assistance in Project Testing and Acceptance Processes

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